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SOAR Canada is an incorporated not-for-profit that publishes print and other media aimed at raising and maintaining the self-esteem of children and youth with disabilities. For adults, we offer a person-centred set of treatment programs to conquer shyness, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, and depression through in-house, outpatient, and social opportunities. SOAR Canada builds community, which is especially important in a world that can be unkind to people who feel they are different.

Susumai House

Susumai House was started by Jacqueline Brown, both a depression survivor and the support system for two depressed young adults. She created this program of care because she could not find it for her sons. The treatment program was developed by Stephanie Robinson, who is the Clinical Director of Susumai. Stephanie has been providing both residential and community care for the mentally ill for over 15 years. The Susumai House program has been validated by professional healthcare providers specialized in treating the chronically depressed.


The only magazine custom tailored to empower ASD kids. Outfox promotes neurodiversity and self- acceptance. It is a monthly, community building publication featuring ASD Superstar & Peer Q&A. Outfox is a print magazine, mailed to the address of your choice. Its mission is to celebrate, encourage, and inspire autistic kids aged 8-13.

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