July 2017

September 2017

We go exploring plants this month and Outfox picks the top ten amazing plants. Plants that eat insects, plants that smell disgusting, and HUGE plants make the list. Wanna know how many plants have been discovered? You’ll find out in the September issue. AutistiX is a supercool band featuring only autistic musicians. You’ll be amazed and inspired by them all. And Quantum X returns! But Winnie fans, don’t despair: in September we double up and have both comics.

August 2017

The August issue is one of the two activity issues. It is chock-full of puzzles, mazes, activities, and other things to do. In the August issue, we celebrate summer with our peer panel and the ASD Superstar column and other features take a month off to make room for more activities. Make ice cream sandwiches, make lightning in your mouth, and make super-sized bubbles in August.

July 2017

In July we celebrated the birthdays of Canada, the United States and all twenty-five of the countries who gained their independence in July, we learned incredible new facts about Canada in honour of its 150th birthday celebrations, and we met Daniel — a colour amateur astronomer¬†who, with a couple of friends, operates an observatory in England. And guess what? Daniel is also autistic.¬†