Previous Issues

Previous Issues

August 2017

The August issue is one of the two activity issues. It is chock-full of puzzles, mazes, activities, and other things to do. In the August issue, we celebrate summer with our peer panel and the ASD Superstar column and other features take a month off to make room for more activities. Make ice cream sandwiches, make lightning in your mouth, and make super-sized bubbles in August.

July 2017

In July we celebrated Canada Day, American Independence Day, and the national birthdays of many other countries. We described the strange history of fireworks and met Ashley who works in Canada’s Wonderland. She is a student artist who is returning to college to specialize in animation. She tells us when she learned she was autistic and how she overcame bullying in high school. Our peers give advice for those going to camp.

June 2017

June was Aboriginal History Month. Danny of the Ojibway Nation described his family tradition of harvesting manoomin in Northern Ontario. Our ASD Superstar was 13 year-old Connor who loves to joke around and collect Star Wars toys. We discovered the bat-bot in FutureTech and in Gaming News we learned that there are some great real-life skills you can gain from being an MLG.